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  • 7 Temperature Probes (1 center and 6 at ID of tubing)

  • Able to collapse down to 1.69” OD

  • Thru-wire design

  • Suitable for 2-3/8” tubing up to 7” casing

  • Log recorded to memory

  • 10K psi pressure rating

  • 300F temperature rating

  • GO Pin Connection

Production Svcs Graphic - MTS.png

Are you experiencing an increase in water or decrease in production? Our proprietary process uses in-house designed gauges and software in conjunction with downhole video to deliver a product based solution that illustrates exact flow characteristics.  Whether a horizontal well using coil as a means of deployment or a vertical well using wireline, we have you covered.


In most cases, water injection points or areas of production can be identified with a one-day operation. Final logs can be processed and available the following day.  We have had substantial success using this process to identify water production, down to the exact perforation.  With this information in hand our customers have been able to design squeeze operations to eliminate water thus decreasing hydrostatic pressure and increasing production, adding net value to the asset.  


Production Svcs anchor
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